General Health Education

Within the Same Day Medical Care clinic, our medical staff collaborates and shares training, experience and knowledge of medical advances to provide the highest quality of primary care services including a range of current evidence-based best practices in medicine.

We embrace the opportunity to educate our patients.  We believe that educated patients are empowered to make better decisions on their health journey.

Our on-site conveniences include:

  • Senior Care
  • Family Health & Wellness Consultations
  • Family Planning: Birth control consultations
  • Pediatric Care
  • Adult and Childhood Vaccinations
  • Weight Management
  • Minor Office Procedures

Good health comes from a plan of caring for yourself. Your body needs exercise, appropriate types and amounts of food, relief from tension and stress, appropriate amounts of sleep and exposure to new experiences. We encourage you to plan a lifestyle that encompasses the principles of physical and emotional well-being.

The following links may be useful for general health information:

General Information

Information for NonEnglish/Patients with Other Languages

Specific Health Issues (Cancers) (Heart, Lungs, Blood) (Mental Health) (Orthopaedics – Joints, Ligaments, Bones) (Dermatology – Skin) (Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidneys)

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